The case studies below highlight the work we have done for Nonprofits.

“Elinvar is great! You should use them!”
— Brian Collier, Executive Vice President, Foundation for the Carolinas

Read Charlotte is a collaborative, community-wide movement that launched in Charlotte, NC, in 2014 to double the reading performance of all students in Mecklenburg County. Elinvar conducted a national search for the initial Executive Director that was launched in October 2014 and completed with a new leader who moved from Kansas City and began his work in April 2015.

MCNC is a technology nonprofit that provides broadband across NC and supports the K-20 education system by providing this important infrastructure and access. With an annual operating budget of $35 million and net assets of $130 million, the new CEO needed to be a leader that could support an effective technology based organization and create and maintain relationships with diverse stakeholders across the state and at the national level. This search was launched in May 2014 and their new CEO started in November 2014. 

Client Quote

“Their guidance throughout the process helped us to find an excellent leader for our organization.“
— Tom Rabon, MCNC Board & Search Committee Chair

“Elinvar played a critical role in helping our Search Committee find a new CEO for MCNC. They provided us with a meticulously vetted list of great CEO candidates, arranged all of the interviews and generally kept the search process moving smoothly. Their guidance throughout the process helped us to find an excellent leader for our organization.“ 

Greensboro Urban Ministry engaged Elinvar in advance of the retirement of a long-standing ED. Our initial work was to conduct an in-depth assessment of the organization, including an assessment of the senior leadership team and board committees. The information we gathered during this first phase of our work was used by the board to support the leadership team during the transition, to inform Elinvar of the strengths needed in the new leader, and to assist the new ED in his successful transition.

The retiring leader had a strong brand in the community and the board was focused on ensuring a smooth transition for the staff and the community. GUM has an operating budget in excess of $4 million and close to 50 employees. The search was launched in September 2014, the slate was interviewed in January 2015 and the new leader joined GUM in June 2015 to coordinate the transition with the retiring ED.

Client Quote

“Your professionalism was only exceeded by your desire to help us find the right leader.”
— Craig Siler, Chair, Transition Committee

“GUM announced Myron to senior staff, clergy, and stakeholders on Tuesday. Everyone, including our retiring ED, has been so upbeat and excited!!! You know we could not have done this without you and all of your dedicated leadership, guidance, and assistance. Your professionalism was only exceeded by your desire to help us find the right leader.” 

The North Carolina Justice Center is the state’s preeminent voice for economic and social justice with the mission of eliminating poverty. They work to ensure that every household in the state has access to the resources, services and fair treatment it needs to achieve economic security. To pursue these goals, the Justice Center employs five interconnected strategies:  litigation, research and analysis, public policy advocacy, community education and engagement, and communication. Following the retirement of a long-term Executive Director, Elinvar was engaged to conduct the search to find a new Executive Director who could lead a very passionate and well informed team of advocates and justice seeking professionals and have credible experience to represent the organization’s issues and strategies across a broad range of constituents and policy leaders.

The new leader was successfully hired and has already increased the resources, staff and impact through his leadership.

Client Quote

“In addition to their broad experience, the Elinvar staff brought valuable flexibility to our executive search.”
— Cathy Tamsberg, Board Co-Chair, NC Justice Center

“In addition to their broad experience, the Elinvar staff brought valuable flexibility to our executive search. They guided us in designing a process that would meet the unique needs of our organization, especially regarding staff input in the selection of the Executive Director. This was an essential component of a very successful search.”

Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro selected Elinvar to conduct the search for their next CEO. The challenge was to have a new CEO ready to step in when their CEO retired and to find a leader that is prepared to navigate the changing landscape of the healthcare industry.


“We are very excited about our new CEO ...
— Susan Fitzgibbon Shumaker, Search Committee Chair

"We are very excited about our new CEO and are most grateful for the work you did in getting us to this outcome.  I appreciate your wise counsel and data-informed approach to the search, which was essential as we had very strong finalists.  The time spent with our Board on the front end of the search process served us well and the candidate TTI Success Insights validated our selection."

“... the process worked very well.”
— Mary Bernard Magrinat, Board Chair

"Thank you for all your help in our recent CEO search.  We felt that the process worked very well. The upfront work you did with our people was significant and helped clarify the selection of our CEO from the group of very strong finalists.  Specifically, the initial brainstorming session Elinvar conducted with our board was key to defining what we wanted in our new CEO.  The leadership assessment of candidates as well as our current leadership team helped us to select a CEO who will complement the strengths we already have in the organization."