Practice Areas

Elinvar's niche is leadership. We have purposefully developed a broad spectrum of clients so that we can serve each client with an objective and fresh approach and not put our clients in a position of competing for talent. All of our clients share a passion for their mission and care deeply about the people they employ as well as the communities they serve.

All Elinvar clients have a genuine appreciation for everyone that is working for their success. They appreciate our talent of blending our expertise with that of each unique client we serve. The foundation of our client relationships is trust. 

Finally, every Elinvar client is striving for excellence and impatient to make a difference. If this describes you, please continue to browse our site to learn more about the impact other organizations have achieved by working with us.


Elinvar begins every relationship with the premise that each organization is unique. By understanding the exceptional attributes of our client, we succeed with every engagement. This principle is profoundly important in serving foundations. 

Our work with foundations has spanned all our service offerings with retained search being the focus of most of our projects. The shared leadership between the CEO of a foundation and the Board is a delicate balance. Elinvar's approach is designed to provide a leader that can achieve that balance.   

We invite you to read our sample case studies with client testimonials that follow. These highlights are a few of the results we have achieved working with the leadership of our Foundation clients.

Elinvar conducted a national search for NC IDEA, a new foundation with a mission to create a robust ecosystem across North Carolina to support economic development and job creation.

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Elinvar led the search for the initial Executive Director of the John M. Belk Endowment in December 2012.

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Our first engagement with the Danville Regional Foundation was to conduct the search for a CFO. A year later we were engaged to conduct a search for their first Senior Program Officer for Health and Human Services.

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I highly recommend their thorough process to find the best fit for the organizations they support.
— Kristy Teskey, President, John M. Belk Endowment


Our CEO has served on nonprofit boards since the early 1990’s and continues her board service today. Board experience from this perspective, combined with our team’s work with over 50 nonprofits in recent years, demonstrates the passion and knowledge that we bring to our nonprofit clients.

Our work has spanned a diverse range of organizations working in human services, education, healthcare, the arts, social justice and community building. We are experts in navigating the leadership model of a volunteer board and an executive leader that must effectively share the leadership mantel to achieve success for the organization and its many stakeholders.

Please read our sample case studies, with client testimonials, to learn more about how our work is impacting the communities we serve.

Read Charlotte is a collaborative, community-wide movement with a goal of doubling the reading performance of students in the county it serves. Elinvar conducted a national search for the initial Executive Director.

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MCNC is a technology nonprofit that provides broadband access to the K-20 education system across North Carolina. Elinvar led the search for a new CEO that launched in May 2014 and concluded with the new CEO starting in November 2014.

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Greensboro Urban Ministry engaged Elinvar in advance of the retirement of a long-standing ED. Our initial work was to conduct an in-depth assessment of the organization, including an assessment of the senior leadership team and board committees.

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The North Carolina Justice Center is the state’s preeminent voice for economic and social justice with the mission of eliminating poverty. Elinvar was engaged to conduct the search to find a new Executive Director with credible experience to represent the organization’s issues and strategies across a broad range of constituents and policy leaders.

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Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro selected Elinvar to conduct the search for their next CEO. The challenge was to have a new CEO ready to step in when their CEO retired and to find a leader that is prepared to navigate the changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

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“You know we could not have done this without you and all of your dedicated leadership, guidance, and assistance.”
— Craig Siler, Greensboro Urban Ministry

Higher Education

Elinvar's newest and most exciting work has been in higher education. This work has been a natural extension of our volunteer service which includes serving on the Board of Visitors for the Business School at North Carolina Central University, the Alumni Association Board for University of North Carolina - Greensboro, search committees at UNCG, and currently serving on the Independent College Fund of North Carolina board.

It was during our volunteer search committee work that we saw how Elinvar's unique approach can bring immediate value to higher education institutions. Our recent experience conducting two Associate Dean searches at UNC-CH has confirmed that our experience in bringing diverse leaders on boards together is just as effective when applied to uniting faculty and staff perspectives to make a great hiring decision. This success led to us working with UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, Duke University, and Louisburg College. Please read our sample case studies to learn more about how our work is impacting the communities we serve.


Mike Smith, Dean of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Government, retained Elinvar to conduct the searches for two Associate Dean positions that together, lead the finances, human resources and operations for the school.

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The late Chancellor Saunders-White of North Carolina Central University retained Elinvar to conduct the search for the Vice Chancellor of Advancement in 2013.

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“Their work was thorough, creative, flexible, and professional in every way.”
— Mike Smith, Dean, School of Government, University of North Carolina

Professional Associations

Elinvar's work in the association field has also been a natural extension of the volunteer experiences of our CEO. With over 20 years of board service on local, statewide and international boards, the knowledge gained from the board perspective is invaluable when serving association boards and executives. 

Associations are facing challenges that include adapting to the generational shift of members and the impact of technology on how they serve their constituents. Having a firm with Elinvar's strategic approach to helping boards consider these changes in the context of a leadership change is an added value to the board and the members they serve. 

North Carolina Network of Grantmakers (NCNG) is a statewide member organization that supports all sectors of philanthropy. Elinvar was retained to conduct the search for a new Executive Director.

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The International Society On Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) is a global not-for-profit membership organization advancing the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thrombotic and bleeding disorders.

Elinvar was initially engaged to conduct the search for the first Director of Finance & Operations for ISTH.

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Elinvar’s CEO has served on numerous association boards for over 20 years. She has served in various capacities including Board Chair for local chapters of international associations.

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“An effective, proven leader, Patti knows what it takes for an association to succeed and is highly qualified to assist any organization to achieve their goals.”
— Gary LaBranche, FASAE, CAE, Former President & CEO of ACG

Closely Held Businesses

Elinvar's roots are in the for profit sector. For three decades we have served publicly traded, private equity backed and family owned businesses. As business climates have evolved, so has Elinvar's work. We see the immediate value that bringing the right leader into an organization has on the business as well as the longer term impact when that leader is the right cultural fit. 

Nomaco is a family owned business based in Zebulon, NC. The President and CEO, Lars von Kantzow, joined the company in 2015 and retained Elinvar to work with him, the family board members, and his senior leaders, to conduct the search for their VP of Human Resources.

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Elinvar has been a search partner for Railinc CEO, Allen West, since his appointment to this position in 2006. Searches have included finance, marketing and human resource leaders.

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“The Elinvar team knows what matters to our company and they embrace the essence of our culture.”
— Stuart Frantz, Former President & CEO, Biologics