“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have.”
— Margaret Meade

Our Team


As Elinvar's leader since 1995, Patti has built the Elinvar organization around her belief that great results stem from effective leadership and great leadership happens when leaders are working in an environment that supports them. "It is with exceptional leaders at the helm that organizations are able to create value for all of their stakeholders."

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Gerri Williams, Strategic Search Partner

We are excited to bring Gerri’s accomplishments, extensive network, and strategic approach to Elinvar clients in our nonprofit and education practice areas. When Gerri is part of the Elinvar search project, her experience as a past Elinvar candidate also informs and enhances her ability to bring passive candidates into the process.

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Kelley O’Brien,
Strategic Search Partner

Kelley’s broad range of experience in the nonprofit sector, combined with her leadership achievements in higher education, make her a versatile and invaluable asset to Elinvar’s clients. Kelley has never met a stranger! This attribute enables her to identify and attract top candidates for our clients.

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Michael Horswell, Strategic Advisor

As Elinvar’s Strategic Advisor, Michael’s experience in higher education administration brings key insights and helpful contacts to enhance Elinvar’s work in identifying great leaders for our College and University searches.


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Margaret VanDeCar, Business Manager & Researcher

Margaret brings her passion for making the world a better place to every aspect of her work at Elinvar. Our clients and candidates appreciate her warm greeting and sincere efforts to make them feel at home when they come to our office. This is just a small part of her job as she keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes and there is nothing she can't do to help us better serve our clients.

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Elinvar Alliance Partners

Our Alliance Partners include top executive coaches and organization development professionals who possess advanced education, certifications, training, business experience, and a minimum of 10 years of executive coaching or consulting experience. Our Alliance Partners are based in North Carolina and we look forward to introducing you to the consultant that is best suited for your specific need. 

Alliance Partner Directory