joanne mitchell, PH.d

Professional Experience

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Scientist, early stage technology commercialization leader, and entrepreneur. As the leading success coach for science and technology professionals and businesses, Dr. Mitchell helps her clients get the results they want, faster than they could on their own. 

Train for competence, coach for performance. High performers know that having a coach can give them the edge they need to succeed at a higher level. Dr. Mitchell asks the deep questions that clients cannot ask themselves. It’s hard to see the picture, when you’re in the frame. Her clients benefit from increased performance, higher level thinking, getting crystal clear on objectives and aware of all possible actions and outcomes, independent 3rd party brainstorming and developing an action plan, accountability, and access to resources and connections. 

Taught, and continually mentored by the best coaches in the world, Dr. Mitchell brings her world-class coach training, and her high performance and leadership experience to coaching executives, business owners and professionals in science and technology related professions. She speaks on topics related to high performance and leadership and trains teams on leadership, high performance, communication, influence and personal growth. Dr. Mitchell understands what it takes to be a high performer, how to take calculated risks to get what you want, how to navigate transitions, and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities.  

Dr. Mitchell brings her experience, combined with studies of mindset, identifying and changing limiting beliefs, high performance skills and practices, communication and connection, into a powerful coaching relationship that will dramatically change your results and help you achieve your dreams.


Ph.D., Liverpool University, U.K.
B.Sc., Durham University, U.K.

John Maxwell Team coach

Email: | Telephone: (919) 622-5141