Professional Summary

Jim Fontaine is a psychologist, executive coach, and organizational consultant.  For over 31 years he has helped individuals and organizations improve their performance.  For the past 16 years, Jim has led his own coaching and consulting firm.  He has coached and consulted with senior executives in some of the world’s top 50 companies as well as with those in mid-size, start-up, and non-profits. 

A testament to Jim’s effectiveness is that his clients engage him repeatedly over time.  He has worked with many client companies for periods of five to ten years or longer.  They repeatedly seek his services because he consistently offers high value in addressing a wide variety of leadership challenges.

As a doctoral level psychologist who has trained and worked with two of the world’s premiere leadership development firms (Center for Creative Leadership and the Hay Group), Jim helps executives understand the cause-effect connections between their personal characteristics, their leadership patterns and the resultant impact on the performance of their teams.  Based on that understanding, he guides leaders in targeting leveraged changes that will improve employee focus, motivation, and engagement.

As important, Jim addresses executives’ impact out and up in their larger organizations.  He helps leaders improve their ability to influence peers, superiors, and other members to create win-win solutions, benefitting the leader’s unit while simultaneously satisfying others’ objectives.

Jim specializes in:

  • Executive assessment & coaching
  • Executive team assessment and development
  • Group leadership coaching
  • Organizational climate assessment and improvement
  • Programmatic coaching for entire work units or cross-organization levels of management


1982 Psy.D., Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology

1975 M.Ed, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

1970 B.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Email: patti@elinvar.com | Telephone: (919) 622-5141